Annamaria is the latest range of quality footwear added to the Planet Shoes stable.

Annamaria reflects the latest style from Europe, for the women who appreciate the finer things in life. A women that wants a classic European look with an edgy twist. She loves to look stylish at work and play.

These beautifully hand crafted Annamaria boots have been made in Italy. No two pairs are the same as leather is natural material. Annamaria are great for travel, meetings, all day wear, evening and pleasure. They are great fitting with leather comfort.

These tips below make the Annamaria an ideal companion boot.

  • The best women’s travel shoes and boots are comfortable. This is non-negotiable. Those shoes that are only good for a few hours wear should stay home.
  • The best travel shoes and boots are versatile. Travel shoes need to work with skirts and jeans, and be neutral enough to match multiple outfits.
  • The best travel shoes and boots are flattering. Pass over the flats that make your legs look stumpy or the clunky shoes that make your feet look big.
  • The best travel shoes are stylish, but classic. Finding travel shoes you can wear all day is hard enough. Limit travel shoes and boot wardrobe to classic looks that will work for several years.
  • The best travel shoes and boots are well-made. While you can sometimes get away with a cheaper pair, the travel boots and shoes that you will reach for again and again are higher-quality, and pricier than the average wear-around-town shoe.
  • At least one pair of your travel shoes should be waterproof.

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